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Zhejiang Zhongqiu Ball Valves Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the town of valves in China – Oubei Town, specializing in the production and scientific research of valves as well as the design, manufacture, installation, sales, service, and international trade of machinery equipment sets. The company meets customer needs with high-quality products, and serves users through integrity.

The company’s leading product is fully-welded ball valves. Our main products include integrated fully-welded ball valves, buried fully-welded ball valves, discharging ball valves and so on. The main products meet the ANSI, API, EN, BS, DIN, ASME, ISO and other relevant technical standards in different fields and countries. The products are used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heating, shipbuilding industry, power, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, military, construction project computer sensing and other industries.



Upholding the corporate spirit of “audacious and innovative, pioneering, daring to explore new territories and pursuing excellence”, Zhongqiu Ball Valves carries out technological innovation, improve the technological content of products, and strengthen management, to create the core competitiveness, and build a Chinese famous valves brand, thus making our due contributions for the Chinese valve industry to stand firm in the international valve industry. We hope that our new and old customers will, as always, support and trust us.


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Handled Fully-welded Ball Valves
Worm-type Fully-welded Ball Valves
Flanged Fully-welded Ball Valves
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Buried Fully-welded Ball Valves
Stainless steel Fully-welded Ball Valves
Filter welded ball valve
Welded ball valve

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